2016 IGI Internet of Things Summit

2016 IGI Internet of Things Summit

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Governing the Internet of Things

Emerging & Converging Tech and Legal Issues


What is the IGI Internet of Things Summit?


The 2016 IGI Internet of Things Summit is a new event for information leaders examining the information governance issues of the exploding world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

It is predicted that by 2020, there will be tens of billions of IoT devices in use. Technology is enabling us to gather and use industrial, sensor, and other data like never before. However, all the new data that is being generated by the IoT not only creates personal, societal, and business opportunities, but also risks.

Organizations should not address these dynamics in a vacuum. Instead, they should leverage information governance, a comprehensive framework for maximizing the value of information while minimizing its risks. From legal to technological challenges, the risks and rewards of IoT are only beginning to be understood.

Place yourself at the forefront of the IoT revolution by attending this exciting new event from the leading industry think tank, the Information Governance Initiative.






Pre-Conference Boot Camp: IoT Emerging Technologies

Want to get up to speed fast on the IoT? Join us for our pre-conference Boot Camp on Sunday, December 11, 2016.

The Boot Camp will look at the IoT’s promises, pitfalls, technology, and data. Why are people both excited and trepidatious about IoT? What key technologies are enabling us to gather and use industrial, sensor, and other data like never before? How information governance principles can be applied to IoT will also be explored as well as an ediscovery framework for IoT. All this will get you up to speed to dig deeper into the emerging and converging tech and legal issues to be discussed over the next two days.




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